Happy Anniversary USIBD ! – 8 years and Counting


Happy Anniversary USIBD! Congratulations to John Russo and all of the volunteers that over the years have invested their time in developing this important building documentation organization. Please consider lending your support. The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation was launched on this date, March 12th, in 2012. In these eight years USIBD has become the primary resource of Building Documentation […]

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Where Are the Professionals?

point cloud image Where are the Professionals?

Where are the Professionals is a guest article by Curtis Clabaugh. Are the epic battles between the engineering surveying and planning/GIS professions beginning to resurface with emerging technologies fueling the fire?  I believe they are with changes in technology being the driving force. The new tools allowing for the capture of data are likely to bring about changes to all […]

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Viametris Launches Second-Generation of the vMS3D

Image of Viametris vMS3D

Despite being lighter, the second generation Viametris vMS3D offers all the same technological capacities as its predecessor but is simpler to use and can be mounted on a vehicle in just minutes. More design-orientated and compact, this second-generation version of the 3D mobile vehicle scanner has been fully redesigned. The system has been simplified considerably in both electronic and ergonomic […]

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GPI Geospatial, Inc. Combines Experience with Industry-Leading 3D Technology

The Firm With 40+ offices located throughout the eastern half of the United States, GPI Geospatial, Inc. (GPI) has been providing 3D remote sensing solutions to a wide range of private and government customers for over 50 years. They are an employee-owned organization with a dual focus on employee and customer satisfaction, while delivering quality products and services. GPI purchased […]

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Laser Powered Sensor to Open Up ‘Anonymised’ Security Era

June 17, 2019 – San Jose, Calif. – A laser powered sensor that detects objects, people and vehicles could herald an era of anonymised surveillance that isolates threats from uninvolved people or objects, according to Cepton Technologies, Inc. Cepton Technologies 3D Lidar detection system, the Vista-Edge™ Perception Evaluation Kit (PEK), combines the unerring accuracy of lasers to scan the environment […]

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unmanned aircraft systems map installation assets, maximize efficiency


USING UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS TO MAP INSTALLATION ASSETS MAXIMIZES EFFICIENCY VICKSBURG, Miss. (Feb. 26, 2018)–Jenny Laird, Thommy Berry, Kenneth Matheson, Elizabeth Lord and Robby Boyd, all of the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center’s Environmental Laboratory, utilized unmanned aircraft systems to conduct an infrastructure inventory and assessment of the ERDC-Vicksburg installation, part of a collaborative effort with ERDC’s Directorate […]

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Cintoo Cloud 2.0: now everything changes


CINTOO CLOUD 2.0: NOW EVERYTHING CHANGES With more than 10,000 scans already uploaded to the Cintoo Cloud platform from customers worldwide, Cintoo Cloud is steadily gaining momentum in the AEC market. For the release of Cintoo Cloud 2.0, a range of new technology and service initiatives have been put in place for 2019 to make Cintoo Cloud the singular choice for […]

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Precision Forestry Using Drone Laser Scanning in Japan

The consortium of “Development of Sustainable Smart Precision Forestry Using Laser Scanning Technology” held the second field demonstration meeting in Yamanouchi-city, Nagano prefecture for the further development of “Smart Precision Forestry Technology” on November 15, 2018. Dr. Masato Katoh, Professor, Institute of Mountain Science at Shinshu University, who serves as the principle investigator is undertaking the empirical research for the Japanese […]

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INTERGEO 2018: RIEGL IS EXPANDING THEIR AIRBORNE AND UAV SENSOR PRODUCT RANGE!  With these latest developments and updates, RIEGL now offers sensors and systems to be used at low flight altitudes (generally met with UAV) starting with the miniVUX-1 – to new uses for medium flight altitudes used in large UAS/UAV/RPAS with higher payload capacity or in manned  helicopters – to scanners […]

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Pointfuse Launches Laser Scanning Software at Construction Week

Pointfuse Launches New Laser Scanning Software Suite at Digital Construction Week  Maidenhead, UK, 15 October 2018 – Pointfuse is releasing Pointfuse 2018 a new suite of laser scanning software which includes a cloud based data processing service called Pointfuse Bolt. Designed to promote and support the practice of frequent capture of digitized ‘as built’ data, Pointfuse 2018 will help BIM […]

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Standards are the Key to Harnessing Technology

Shane MacLaughlin, Managing Director at Atlas Computers in Ireland provides an in-depth look into the need for open standards. Topographic Survey Specification for Urban Projects Some years ago I chaired a working group hosted by Dublin City Council tasked with developing a robust specification for urban topographic survey projects.  This working group came into being at the behest of the […]

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The Latest in Laser Scanning Technology: Making BIM Projects Faster and Smoother Than Ever Before

Reality capture is no longer the future of 3D conceptual modeling – it’s the present. This is good news for beginners and experts alike in the conceptual modeling, building, and renovation sphere, as 3D imaging technology is now more user-friendly and accessible than ever before. Reality capture allows you to create 3D models of real-world objects that you can edit, […]

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SITECO Announces the New Rail-SIT Software Release

31 March, 2016, Bologna, Italy – The newly released Rail-SIT software application is a high performance package for complete railway inspection and analysis. The software is fully compatible with the most widespread mobile mapping systems such as the Optech Lynx, Riegl, Topcon IPS3, Leica Pegasus and many others. The software integrates directly into the Siteco Road-SIT Survey Suite, which is […]

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Laser Scanning and 3D Modeling a Gulfstream G IV

Laser Aviation has been contracted by Avenger Aerospace Solutions, Greenville SC to provide 3D laser mapping services of a complete Gulfstream G IV’s exterior. Our deliverable to the client will be a complete solid model of the aircraft fuselage, wings, and empennage for engineering support in the pursuit of special mission applications.   Upon arrival at the hanger we first […]

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Major Update of RIEGL’s Terrestrial Laser Scanning Software Suite Now Available!

The latest terrestrial laser scanning software suite update includes a number of key upgrades featuring the new RIEGL Point Cloud Database (RDB 2.0), which provides new and advanced point cloud capabilities. With this upgrade, it is now possible to visualize and manage massive files, hundreds of scans and billions of points simultaneously with a new level of detail approach. These […]

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