The Making of PX-80: the World’s First Handheld LiDAR Scanner with Color Data

PX-80 Background Paracosm has been at the forefront of SLAM-based 3D-mapping since the company’s founding in 2013. In the ensuing years, they’ve racked up an impressive resume: helping Google develop the dense 3D-mapping engine on the Project Tango smartphone, receiving iRobot’s first corporate VC investment, and most recently being acquired by spatial computing powerhouse Occipital (makers of the Structure Sensor). […]

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Structure Core – Spatial Awareness for Any Device

photo of Structure Core Sensor

Occipital, based in San Francisco, CA has announced Structure Core a stand-alone depth sensor that uses structured light to measure in 3D. Should work great for close-up UAV inspections with its mm accuracy. Check out the impressive video. Structure Core is the perfect depth sensor for a new universe of devices that need spatial awareness: robots, drones, AR/VR headsets and […]

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