Maximilian Boosfeld on Wingtra VTOL UAS

Photo of Maximilian Boosfeld CEO

Wingtra is the world’s leading producer of vertical take-off and landing – VTOL drones. The Early Years Wingtra Founder and CEO Maximilian Boosfeld was studying Mechanical Engineering at one of the top science schools in the world, ETH Zurich. (As evidence of the claim, Albert Einstein graduated from the same university.) During the studies he met many truly smart people. […]

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UAV Based Accident and Crime Scene Investigation

This experimental project was organized by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and Pix4D to investigate a proposed UAV-based protocol for accident and crime scene investigations. Comparing results with traditional methods (measuring tape, laser scanner) would show the accuracy and reliability of the achieved reconstruction results so that they can eventually be used as admitted evidence in court. Two data […]

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