Where Are the Professionals?

point cloud image Where are the Professionals?

Where are the Professionals is a guest article by Curtis Clabaugh. Are the epic battles between the engineering surveying and planning/GIS professions beginning to resurface with emerging technologies fueling the fire?  I believe they are with changes in technology being the driving force. The new tools allowing for the capture of data are likely to bring about changes to all […]

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Emesent Hovermap selected by Velodyne to showcase lidar capabilities

Velodyne Lidar, Inc. deploys Emesent’s Hovermap to demonstrate the mapping quality potential of their Puck LITE™ lidar product. Hovermap’s unique use of the Puck LITE lidar sensor produces high quality, shadowless point cloud data for customers in mining, forestry, and industrial asset inspection. Emesent joins “Automated with Velodyne” integrator program to accelerate innovation and expand lidar mapping and autonomy applications.  […]

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