Texan city to deploy intelligent traffic system

Texan city to deploy intelligent traffic system from Velodyne Lidar The pilot program will use lidar to monitor traffic at a dangerous intersection. American roads have never been especially safe compared to those in other countries. But the pandemic made things worse, with shocking rises in crashes and deaths of both drivers and pedestrians in 2020 despite a decrease in the number of miles Americans […]

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Go Beyond Boundary Surveys With Drone LiDAR in the Latest Surveying Documentary Reality Show

Go Beyond Boundary Surveys With Drone LiDAR in the Latest Surveying Documentary Reality Show Carlson, Brigance & Doering, Inc., uses drone Lidar to create a boundary survey in Southern Texas For release Tuesday, June 1, 2021 Rome, NY- Traditionally, boundary surveys are not conducted using drone technology. However, the team at Carlson, Brigance & Doering, Inc. (CBD), a civil engineering […]

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NVision Scans Rare Prehistoric Fossils for Texas Museum

(Southlake, Texas; December 4, 2019) — It roamed Texas long before the first dinosaurs. Growing to 12 feet in length, with powerful jaws and specialized teeth for stabbing and tearing apart its prey, it was not a creature you’d want to encounter while on a Saturday morning hike. “It” was Dimetrodon limbatus and a fossilized skeleton of the Paleozoic predator was recently scanned by NVision […]

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SAM, LLC Celebrates 25 Years of Business – Austin, TX


SAM, LLC CELEBRATES 25 YEARS OF BUSINESS – AUSTIN, TX Austin, TX — April 18, 2019 — On April 18, SAM, LLC proudly celebrates its 25th anniversary. What was once a local, Texas company focused solely on land surveying services, has now grown into one of the largest, full-service, geospatial and construction-phase services firms in the country. The organization is now driven […]

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BVLOS Drone Flights Improve Operational Economics

photo of drone BVLOS are The Missing Element

The number one issue holding back the drone industry is the inability, in general to fly beyond visual line of sight – BVLOS.  The following is an excerpt from The Economics of BVLOS, a whitepaper—written in partnership with Skylogic Research—that compares traditional inspection methods with VLOS and BVLOS drone operations on the basis of cost, safety, data quality, and time-to-value. […]

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