keystone at GEO Week 2020

Keystone Aerial Surveys specializes in providing quality aerial surveys throughout the US. With locations in Pennsylvania, Texas, Nevada and California, Keystone quickly gathers important Airborne GPS (ABGPS) and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) data wherever and whenever it’s needed most. With one of the largest privately owned and operated fleets of aircraft in the United States, Keystone quickly and efficiently carries out a variety of survey operations. These operations involve collecting airborne imagery at high and low altitudes in formats including digital, film, and LiDAR.

Imagery collection operations have been streamlined and refined through more than 50 years in the aerial survey industry. With millions of survey miles flown over the course of those 50 years, Keystone is prepared for any aerial imagery collection operation. Flights consider seasonal/daily weather patterns, terrain, and controlled airspace factors. Many operations have been successfully carried out in restricted or high-density airspace by working effectively with air traffic control. A rigorous in-house training program ensures that the lessons and connections gained over 50 years of operation are maintained to secure the success Keystone’s clients.

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