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Trimble’s advanced positioning solutions offer continuous mobile positioning and high-accuracy orientation for applications such as survey & mapping, and guidance & navigation of unmanned vehicles. Combining positioning technologies with office and field software, Trimble is transforming work in applications that serve a wide range of industries.

The Applanix POS AV is a hardware and software system specifically designed for Direct Georeferencing of airborne sensor data, engineered for aerial cameras, scanning lasers, imaging sensors, synthetic aperture radar, and LIDAR technology.  The Applanix POSTrack consists of a POS AV system tightly integrated with an advanced Flight Management System).

Trimble OEM Precision GNSS + Inertial Receiver Modules for OEMS and system integrators are designed for easy incorporation into specialized or custom hardware enclosures. The modules harness all constellation signals from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou to provide fast cm-level RTK initialization with proven low-elevation tracking.

The Trimble UX5 Aerial Imaging Solution is setting the standard for fast and safe aerial data collection by offering a complete system with powerful technologies such as reversed thrust & automatic fail-safe procedures, a robust design and radically simplified workflow.

The Trimble ZX5 is another accurate, reliable tool in Trimble’s family of UAS solutions. Fast to setup and easy to operate, the Trimble ZX5 allows you to quickly collect data in the field so you can generate the dynamic deliverables required for today’s jobs.

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